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Joedang says:

1st ;)

Nohemo says:

Ooh, there's only one red one. It will be the greatest ever.

Itsatrap says:

And so the new adventure begins...

T.Chicken says:

I am Necro Ray! Throughout the jack of all blades comics, I have changed my name from Dr Dre, Slim Shady, Necro Dre and finally Necro Ray! I love the first strip!
P.S- This is the first age of guns in Jack of all blades universe (unlike crossbows and arrow machine gun in jack of all blades and Industrial Revolutionary!

Itsatrap says:

And so the new adventure begins...

cwDeici says:

She's a bit of a pipsqueak but I like her!

Ahhh and Marbles iz there. ^^

cwDeici says:

Btw., I love the King me comment.

And she likes weapons! My respect for her just went up ten notches.

Btw., it looks a bit like a revolver shotgun. Hmmm, multiple types of ammunition~ neat :D

cwDeici says:

btw., what does 'King me' mean in the context of checkers? thnx!

BrandX says:

*crossesfingers for Jill and Jack to be divorced with Jack and Tsai together*

<.< What?

Zecc says:

Got to love her expression in the penultimate panel.

Zecc says:

Well, looks like the posting system is redirecting to the wrong domain, then? :)

Joe says:

I'm working on the comments now.

Joe says:

And it looks like they are working properly now.

Pizzasgood says:

cwDeici: In checkers, you normally can only move forward. When your one of your pieces reaches the other end of the board, you say "King me" and your opponent places another checker (same color as yours) on top of it. This two-checker tall beast is known as a "king", and can move both forward and backward. They are terrifying to behold.

Zecc says:

Looks like you solved those ugly PHP warnings about HTTP headers too. Good work!

Kestrel MacKnight says:

Way not to take any crap from a note there Ben!

Ziekk says:

Congrats on finishing JaB, and good luck with JaB!

Jayngfet says:

Woo, timeskip! Something tells me this is going to be ten million times more epic than anything that came before!

Red says:

And so it begins... again. Off to a good start.

Jaqui's grown up well. Guess she inherited her looks from her mother, but her taste in clothes from her father. Which, unusually, fits her much better than it did him.

Ben has changed... and he looks a lot more like a modern king than did his predecessor. Not sure I'd trust him as a ruler, though...

- - -

PS. To those still harping on about splitting Jack and Jill in favour of Jack/Tsai... give it a break. Please. Think of the children.


Draconi says:

my first thought by reading this comment:


Draconi says:


Draconi says:

Marbles has no hands o.0

cwDeici says:

Thanks Pizzagod!

SamB says:

Hmm, I find the URL a bit worrying ... oh, wait, it IS different from the original JAB #1's url -- that had "p=1" where this has "page=1". Subtle. I guess I won't have to invoke Berners-Lee after all ;-).

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