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Zobot says:

Annnd here's the final showdown! Melek vs. Jack and Tsai! Place yer bets!

T.Chicken says:

We need a big gun (especially the one from kore and Beserk).

cwDeici says:

Are we going to be seeing the many deaths of Melek? He must be worried if he's offering her a position.
And it's mean of him to think of demoting Billy (if he isn't lying)...

Art says:

I'm excited too!

LockeZ says:

Nice. Now THAT'S how you do a one-liner, Tsai.

HKurban says:

HAH! "ONE" liner. I get it.

cwDeici says:

I really do hope we get to see 248 deaths. It'd be the mother of all montages!

Gillsing says:

It was nice of Melek to give them a number, wasn't it? Assuming that it's true, though it doesn't change their plan in any way I suppose.

I also think I spotted a typo in the third panel, where it says "kill you friend". In case that's something worth taking care of.

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