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T.Chicken says:

Love the warning noise of the Nuke Critical.
Actually according to TV Trope, Nuke Critical is good for reactor.

cwDeici says:

I knew Billy was a good guy!

And hey, no shafting us on 26 deaths! ;)

cwDeici says:

PS. The design for the cafe lady is nice. And it's nice to see Eli again. He's like a realistic anti-Westley.

Goldendice says:

If they didn't think nukes could be weaponized, why are they so concerned about a nuclear meltdown?

Art says:

Cause the loud scary voice told them to be.

In all seriousness nuclear energy was pretty much entirely figured out by Watson (Bugman). Since his plans for world domination revolved around using the doppelgangers his nuclear science research exclusively involved using nuclear energy to power his labs and not weaponizing. So when Melek stole his research he only had access to designs to make a nuclear plant which would include warnings for meltdowns, but nothing about making a bomb.

Werlitten says:

How exactly did body twenty-nine end up upside-down?
Also, as silly as the notion of applying real-world physics to a comic may be, weaponizing atomic materials is really hard. There's a reason why it took so long to pull it off.

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