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Javcs says:

Chif is awesome.

Jacqi is about to get into trouble again. Though, it wasn't even Jacqi who took his hand, it was Marbles.

T.Chicken says:

Wow! Chiff just used a satchel charge.
P.S- Where is Eli on?

Red says:

I never thought Eli amounted to much, but it seems he knows his stuff. I mean, most looters would be going for the electronics stores, but Eli knows the difference between pointless nic-nacks and true treasure: aged Dutch cheese, in traditional wheel form, is worth its deliciousness in gold. Or it should be.

Rolan7 says:

Seconding Chiff's awesome. Ha!

Werlitten says:

Wow... It takes a special level of genre blind to cause a rooftop duel while being an antagonist.

cwDeici says:


Respawn1234 says:

Who made up the line about the cheese? Art or Joe?

Art says:

That was me.

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