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T.Chicken says:

Grosvenor? He's alive.
Last time I saw, he was blown to pieces.

ulala says:

I think it was pretty clear that is melek transforming into grosvenor.

Dualsaber says:

Melek said they'd have to kill him 247 times. Why are they at 276?

Javcs says:

@Dualsaber - clearly Melek added more forms to his available repertoire.

Oddly, I'm more confused by the "back breaka" soundd effect. Tsai is shapeshifting goo, she doesn't have a body.

Pizzasgood says:

Well, actually she does. As goo, she can't feel or taste normally, so Jill taught her how to shapeshift nerves, and I assume she does bones as well so that she looks more normal. Normally when she gets hit she just goops, but most times she probably sees it coming. This time, she was caught off guard and didn't have time to goop before being hit, so her shapeshifted back actually broke. But it shouldn't matter for more than a second or two since she can just reform it.

Aethrys says:


They're actually at 278, the black guy was 277 and Grosvenor is 278.

Art says:

Actually I screwed up the numbers. The 247 number was correct and Grosvenor would be 246. We'll fix it later, but for now I want you all to use your imagination and pretend that I'm not dumb.

Shadowtycho says:

so Jacq walks into the room and melek uses his Jacq form to escape only to be shanked by the guy with the cheese who's name i cant remember.
place your bets.

Art says:

50 bucks! I can bet on these things right?

nameless says:

Probably you should keep it at that and pretend Melek is just incredibly bad at counting.

cwDeici says:

I think I'd definitely go with winning one of two to three hundred deatmatched than throwing almost all my lives on one good shot.
Then again one of my friends is (strangely enough) good at physics but terrible at math. :)

cwDeici says:

Also, Tsai still looks very silly in profile. :D

Love this comic though, especially the 'napalm smells like cheese' comment. ^^

cwDeici says:

Wonder if Tsai will get the save from Jacqi (most likely), or Jack or both of them, or maybe the darkhorse candidate, she does it without any help.

Jacqi has been a bit short on accomplishments though, and she owes Tsai one so I'm guessing she levels up here. : )

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