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turntechGodhead says:

WHAT? Make more sense.

Werlitten says:

Now he'll have to shave it all off, or he will look like a villain.

cwDeici says:

Second to last-panel needs a bit of beard filled in to the lower left line of the cheek, unless it has already fallen off.
If it has already fallen off, which is more realistic a patch of falling beard will make the joke more clear. (Just my humble opinion.)

Otherwise (imho) great comic!

Aust says:

Wow, looks like that was a...

*puts on sunglasses*

close shave.

T.Chicken says:

Tai! NOOOOOO! Grosvenor toasted her.

cwDeici says:

I'm pretty sure she only lost the mass of her head and upper body, but that's one thing that needs improvement too.

Unless you're talking about her now being a breakfeast delight for goop lovers(tm).

Art says:

Making sure I'm not crazy here but you guys do realize that Tsai is the black blob and the fire is the red fire looking thing right? He completely misses.

Draconi says:

So does this mean that Doppelgangers go to the rabbit afterlife then?

Art says:

Rabbit Hell is other rabbits. So no.

Rico says:

Art you shouldn't tell us Tsai survives, you have to keep us in fear so we tune in again next week.

cwDeici says:

I don't think we were meant to be in fear though... until the last picture where maybe she got smoked, I dunno.

This most recent comic needs fixing (and the climax in general has been too relaxed, starting with the nuclear suitcase which made it rather obvious things could not go wrong).

Love the comic too... and I hope Tsai didn't get done in there.
Also, nice to see Jack get another kill. ^^

cwDeici says:

I hope we get to see Rabbit Hell someday, too bad the dead antagonists can't go there...

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