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nameless says:

big disappearing sword in not-Jacqs hand

T.Chicken says:

YAY! TSAI's alive!

Werlitten says:

Maybe it's just me, but crotch armor would be the first thing I, as an adventurer would get.

Art says:

I hope you guys liked this joke. We set it up years and years ago.

tristedrille says:

Really great job. "About good use of prophecies"...
Hats off, sir

Aileron says:

Won't he be able to take over Jacq's body though? she kinda showed up at the right time

Art says:

Only the future will tell.

cwDeici says:

Great comic!

Kgummy says:

So the Penguin God lied? He said it was either Tsai's prophecy of killing Jill's offspring, OR Jack's second prophecy of Jill loving someone more when he got back (which DID happen).

Art says:

Well... if you're going to analyze the joke. Technically Melek dressed up like Jacqi isn't one of Jill's descendants so PG didn't actually lie.

But seriously. It is a joke I set up almost 6 years ago which means I am awesome and explains why no one reads my damn comics.

Lytanathan says:

If you're going to analyze the joke at all, overanalyze it. PG only said that one of the prophesies was going to happen. He didn't say that "one and only one" would happen, meaning only that while at least one must happen, the possibility of both occuring is still fully valid.

Kyoulkoa says:

Great job art, man, I had forgotten about that prophecy.

Kyoulkoa says:

Great job art, man, I had forgotten about that prophecy.

Rico says:

Oh this strip changed after I saw it first.
Also I realize now both Tsais and Jacks prophecies from back them come true at the same time.

John says:

Actually, Melek isn't just dressed up like Jacqi, he's wearing a clone of her. That's why he needed her blood, remember? So, the body which Tsai is currently murdering is in fact a descendant of Jill, by way of Jacqi. She's only killing one of Jill's descendants, rather than all of them as the fortune cookie implied.

Javcs says:

@Aileron - he doesn't need Jacqi to jump into a body, after all, Jack is right next to him and is also a viable host.

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