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Serenity says:

Yay new comic!

Art says:


Zombieskull88 says:

Ya know, I've been coming here pretty much daily for months now for this exact happenstance; update made my night. :D

Anon says:


Zecc says:

So who are these readers who requested Joe to not have time to work on the comic?

Rico says:

Wooooo new comic! Yaaaaay!
I am surprised after 6 months of no updates there are 5 posts already within 16 hours oft he update though. I wanted another glorious 1st post!
@Art: Your comments sounded like if you draw everything it looks like the penguins comic you made years ago. However its looking all great! I dont see much difference to a Joe strip? At least the style fits all in the end fights story line style. Keep going!

art says:

A lot of this comic I was able to reuse things Joe already drew. The only big elements I made from scratch was the exterior reactor shot and the reactor chamber. One advantage I do have this time around is I can look at things Joe drew and try to emulate his style.

gilteon says:

¡Ay, caramba! Titanic sumo wrestler blobs!

T.Chicken says:

Heck! It's about time.
Closed down helmet screen.

Kgummy says:

Clearly what needs to happen is all the characters in 3D models in this style. I mean, the only things that don't look 3D, really, are the blobkins. And that might only be because they're solid black.

Ogore says:

Noo! Not the Cheese!

Pizzasgood says:

Oh boy! I do my weekly stale-comic-check, and THREE of them have come back to life! It's like Halloween came two weeks early!

Art says:

Crap, I've got to draw Halloween costumes.

Art says:

Crap, I've got to draw Halloween costumes.

ShadowDancerBrony says:

YAY!!! A new page at last!

And just when another of my favorite webcomics came to an end. Today is much better than yesterday.

Art says:

Also, I haven't forgotten about you guys. It's just slow going with just me. Next comic will be next week! With practice hopefully this stuff I didn't do before will get easier. :D

Art says:

Also, any Halloween costume requests? I generally do not pick everything from one theme. (IE Jack as Luke, Jill as Leia, Ben as Obi Wan, and Waf as Yoda.) Also, no 50 Shades of Gray requests. It's a crappy book for middle aged women, and I don't even know what the characters would look like. Despite this, other BDSM themes are still viable options.*

*No they aren't.

Marbles says:


Draconi says:

@ Art

Can you do Tsai as EDI from Mass Effect 3? :3

cwDeici says:

I hope Tsai doesn't die...

cwDeici says:

Anyway, really nice comic!

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Comic #123

So, here's the dealio. Joe still doesn't have time to work on the comic. At the request of some readers, I'm going to go ahead on my own and begin putting the comics together as sort of a comic beta. When Joe has more time he will be able to come in behind me and make em all pretty-like. As you can probably tell there are a lot of things that Joe brings to this comic strip that are going to be sorely missed. So, if you want to wait till Joe's return to finish reading the story I can respect that, but I am in a place in my life where I need the creative output the comic provides and I plan to press on making these beta comics.

Anyways, welcome back to the ending of Jacq of All Blades 2! I hope it will be worth the wait.

Art Frederick

Joe Hills

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