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Zecc says:

Nice use of perspective there.

T.Chicken says:


Gillsing says:

First I thought that it was some kind of mirror in the seventh panel, but then I figured out that Tsai took cover behind one of those tubes or whatever they are. I guess I just didn't see a reason for her to take cover. Grosvenor appears to have both his hands occupied, and isn't aiming Jacqi's gun at anyone. Though I guess he could toss Jacqi away or try holding her with one arm?

Art says:

He has the gun pointed at Jacqi's face.

Phaze says:

Why is Jacq so stupid? I'm being 100% serious. Not trying to troll or anything, but literally, why is she so stupid? "Use the gun" as a signal. If they just wanted it waved, by not jump about frantically, waving her hands? Hell, if she had time to wave it around like a retard, why not fire off a shot or two at Grosvenor??

biff says:

i think i have to agree with phaze on this one ive noticed jacq has done quite a few stupid things since the begining

Red says:

Wow, Jacqi is good at incompetence.

Also, I like the way Tsai's clothing moves when she's running... :P

Art says:

In all fairness, this has been a stressful day for Miss Jacqi.

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