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biff says:

hahaha first one!!!! how deep is tht water anyway i mean really in one panel its up to dudes ankles
in the last one its a bit past his knees

Taran Alvein says:

Well, I think it's not that deep, just that she fell forward and didn't catch herself, in order to protect her gun.

DeADe says:

Its past his knees cos he feel to the floor id assume

Art says:

He is also falling down.

Duncan says:

Awwww.... I wanted to see slave girl Jacq.

Dreziv says:

Um...If you saw a slave girl Jacqi, you'd see her as a statue holding what I remember as a giant acorn.

Red says:

An effective but costly attack, I guess. How much 'dopplegoo' can a doppleganger spare, though?

FurryMan says:

this is why you never use fire-based weaponry unless you have fire immunity or atleast a good resistance.

MrGBH says:

Hmmm, considering Tsai has that mini-sun powering her, I'd guess she can spare quite a lot. Although she might have to absorb physical mass at a later point. Like all the flesh off of those people she killed.
I'm guessing she'll be fine for a while.

S1d3w4yZ says:

Seems like today is Grosvenor's day to get scars.

T.Chicken says:

Pow Ha Ha on Tsai's hand!

LockeZ says:

Well, the good news is since Tsai can shapeshift, she won't actually have to lose that hand permanently. She can lose any other body part of equal mass instead. Like, for example, and this is just one possibility... her shirt?

Draconi says:

I was just going to ask if there was a way for Tsai to "grow" new goop. On one hand she might have become so used to her goopy form that she can now replicate cells that can replicate themselves and break down rocks or food or something to turn it into more goop. On the other hand its possible that the goop is just too synthetic to reproduce without an advanced labratory and anything she looses is gone for good.

Iltherdion says:

If you look at the rules for the JaB pen and paper RPG they say that a doppelganger can absorb matter to regrow the "goop" (paraphrasing a bit but that's basically it) so she'll be fine once she gets a good meal

cwDeici says:

Time to level up Jacqi. They're giving you this one on a silver platter (well 'cept for twisting/turning around on a flooded floor)

cwDeici says:

Mhmmmmm... I hope I see guts flying.

Also, nice attack on Tsai's part! OK shot by scout-sniper girl too.

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