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Grim says:

Tsai is DOMINATING Grosvenor

BrandX says:


Strike_Reyhi says:

hahahah oh my god grim, best comment.

T.Chicken says:

Art, Have you been playing fallout 3 or new vegas?

Devdave says:

Nice blood & barf-free patch of blue water at Tsai & Jacqi's legs.

MrGBH says:

Rest in peace Marbles, you have been avenged.

RagnorakTres says:


Art says:

Also we are pretty proud of the alt-text to this comic.

Red says:

I like how Tsai has no problem wading through blood, but a bit of bile grosses her out. Also, wondering how the hell that gun manages to propell the limbs back at them.

biff says:

explosive rounds and how does a body blowing up make someone sick?

MrGBH says:

Have you ever seen someone get blown up? Not in a movie, but right in front of you. The smell alone is enough to make most people vomit, and that's before you take into account things like the intestinal tract, spleen and stomache contents.

Speaking of which, Grosvenor's stomache contents would be splattering around everywhere too, polluting the water with pseudo-vomit anyway. As well as even worse bodily fluids.

Gillsing says:

Normally I'd consider Grosvenor alive until I've seen the body, or at least the head. But maybe I'll allow an exception to that rule this time. And I agree, you SHOULD be proud over the alt-text. (Though I thought the alt-text was the text that shows when the image does not. When I read Oglaf I have to check the html source to read the alt-text, because it only flashes by briefly in the top left corner before the image starts to load. Then there's also a mouse-over text, which is different.) And hey, look at more bodyparts here:

Wote says:


While there is a technical difference between alt-text and title-text, in conversational convention title-text has come to be referred to as alt-text. This is especially common in folks who've been following webcomics for... I'd guess at least six years (so, guys like me and Art, for starters). You'll pretty much have to wait for us to die off to change things. :P

Art says:

Also we had trouble back during JaB1 as every comic had a title at the top. So saying we were proud of the title text people would naturally look at the wrong thing.

cwDeici says:

Tsai always had style.

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