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Stone says:

Hey playa, why do they call you playa?

LOL Necro Ray (R.H.D) says:

LOL! Tsai use er powak to trick da butler.
I r 2nd guy on JOB!

Lord Shplane says:

Hahahahah yes.

Ben's face at the end is priceless.

Doom 364 says:

Ben just wishes he was as good as Marbles. Can't you just smell the envy?

Shazbot says:

Marbles is da man!

Wolfgang says:

Heh, that is the best hand puppet ever.

Joe says:

For those of you who enjoyed Tsai's antics today, some more hilarious puppets are waiting for you at The Children's Hour of Knowledge. They just closed out Season two, and have a great thing going.

Spider says:

Where did Marbles even come from?
mmm the world will never know.

Art says:

Marbles likes ladies how he likes his sunsets, pretty.

Ladies like Marbles out of fear of being "Of Mice and Men'd".

Ocho says:

Wait...his hat appears under water and then suddenly he has all the girls? Tsia and Jill seem a little perturbed.

I cant help but think of really kinky applications for that doppleganger body.

Art says:

Sorry for corrupting your mind. :(

Dualsaber says:

Who said that was a bad thing? ;)

Art says:

Valid point

Art says:

I outta give Tsai glasses, she is the only girl without glasses.

almightyK says:

my theory on why marbles appeared from under the water. "spa bubbles, why do they call you spa bubbles?" any one else notice they had dissapeared when he emerged?

and for tsai, it has to be aviator glasses. you know like sherrifs wear

Art says:

In retrospect, I did draw Tsai with Aviator Sunglasses, it was just two years ago!

Rotting Gnarl says:

Your Highness, it seems you have no legs... Also, you're an arm...

AlmightyK says:

oh yeah. totally forgot about that.
and when will the WafPlane return?
preferably with dragon attached

Art says:

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but his plane was pretty trashed.

AlmightyK says:

how about a conversion from dragon to new WafPlane

Chapter 13: Alliteration Aside

Here we are, starting Chapter 13 of 15, and while I only started working with Art on Jack of All Blades two years ago, I have a feeling the next half-year will pass in the blink of an eye. We're already gearing up for production of our next major story, which should benefit from the lessons we've learned working on JAB. I can't say too much at this point about the story itself, other than that it starts shortly before the conclusion of Industrial Revolutionary and will feature some sweet Marbles action.

As excited as I am about JABII, the stuff Art has showed me on the next few comics will knock your socks off, and I'm gonna have to put together some damn good backgrounds to keep up. If you have any friends who aren't reading Jack of All Blades (is that possible?), now is a great time to tell them about it!

Art Frederick

Joe Hills

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