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Stone says:

When in doubt, offer rhino related destruction.

Wolfgang says:

I wonder if Jill was deliberately sabotaging Ben's date or if she just thought that was "need to know" info.

Necro Ray (R.H.D) says:

Let's see. I hope Ben and Rebecca don't have kids in future. Will Tsai kill Jill's descendent?

Jarekk says:

"That's good enough for TWO chaperonings!"

Manipulation says:

Dude- That was kick-ass. Who would not want to level a barn with a rhino?

Lord Shplane says:

A BAG of diamond rings?

Art says:

Well the bags of cash had large $ signs printed on them so Jack wanted something a little less conspicuous.

Dualsaber says:

@Art: And so, continuing the theme of being completely inconspicuous, he decides to go annihilate a barn? With a rhino? Way to go, Jack!

taltamir says:

the problem with buying his loyalty in such a manner to do something he doesn't want to do, is that someone else (say, the girls) might offer him something better (BOOBS!) to make him turn to their side...

Art says:

I don't know about you but I wouldn't give up demolishing a barn with a rhino to see a boob.

Ocho says:

Soo...Jill had a sorta punk thing going on in the past. I like her hair.

Hmm...i would take boobs over a barn. But if i get to destroy TWO BARNS then thew value increases exponentialy and boobs (adative) cant keep up.

Ben says:

There are some things money can't buy. For everything else there's stolen inheiritance money.

Chappy says:

This is an AWESOME strip to post out-of-context. After you post/link it, try to explain that all characters in this strip are sane. (Relatively)

Art says:

Expert mode would be showing someone every strip Marbles is in and trying to convince them that he is sane.

Chameon says:

Good idea, I like a challenge, I will now subsequently try to figure out an argument and get back to you about that Art. Although the saving the world by destroying a globe is probably going to make me have issues doing this successfully..... And the G-String doesn't help my case either.

taltamir says:

"I wouldn't give up demolishing a barn with a rhino to see a boob."

When did I specifically say SEE? :p

Art says:

Ah, but I'm the one who makes the webcomic and the first rule of making a webcomic is be a tease. In hypothetical boob subplot not only would he be merely viewing a boob only he would see the boob. Something would conveniently block you guys' view.

And some mighty fine webcomicking that would be.

Chameon says:

Mmk, best arguement I can come up with, so please pick away at it with your best tricks.

1: When Marbles is asked "Hey _____, why're you called _____." he automatically creates the item in the blank UNLESS implicitly instructed not to do so, which seems to show that he doesn't have much will of his own.
2: Marbles never actually DIRECTLY fights an enemy, the closest he ever came was spitting out a flaming sword after a question.
3: The Marbles dolls seem to imply that he was in fact mass-manufactured, there's bound to be some glitches in the programming and the....err object echolalia would imply that.
4: When dealing with the fortune cookies, one thinks about Marbles thought patterns, maybe he's just incredibly supersticious?
5: I don't have anything for the G-string other then argument numbers 2 and 3, implying that he's a machine and as thus wouldn't really care.
6: He -DOES- distract the lovebot successfully in mere seconds.

...Now, I plead the 5th in response to even the minor flames.

Rotting Gnarl says:

Chameon: The Marbles dolls were non-canonical. Also, he does directly fight the undead knight after the jousting competition.

And I don't know about leveling a barn... Maybe a two-story house filled with things that break in cool ways, like TVs, windows, dining tables, etc. Otherwise, boobs win.

Itachi Uchiha says:

I cant believe that i never heard of this. I caught up with the quickness though. Stone: i agree with you. when in doubt....

taltamir says:

"In hypothetical boob subplot not only would he be merely viewing a boob only he would see the boob. Something would conveniently block you guys' view."

let me remind you he had sex with two of the girls.

cwDeici says:

I don't buy it. If you guys really cared about boobs so much that you would trade for it over something as rare as Rhino Rampage then you wouldn't have a moment off porn on the net.

cwDeici says:

Heck, even irl boobs are cheap to see.

Now, if you guys were talking about boobs of pretty people you know, then we're talking...


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