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Arflagharzts says:

nice going waf... way to respawn XD

Necro Ray (R.H.D) says:

Wow! The Roach man took the heater from Tsai's back. I never knew that.

Kgummy says:

You'll never take Waf alive!

Ashes says:

Am I the only one who finds the "Birtday!" sign in the last panel friggin hilarious?

Adam says:

Jack needs his own Luvbot. Unlike Marbles she provides a useful service of tying Jill up whenever he wants. That could come in really handy.

Ocho says:

Oooh! Luvbots eyes turn red when shes angry.

And she was QUICK with those ropes and that ball gag.

Why did Tsai fele the need to reform a set of clothes for herself?

Joe says:

The clothes she was wearing originally came from a store. She's not a fashion designer, so even though she could make all kinds of clothes from her body, she likes ones made by professonals better.

The clothes she had on her remorphed body are her standard combat attire.

Art says:

I think he is asking why she didn't kick him while nude.

I honesty have no idea. I'll leave that one for fan speculation.

Necro Ray (R.H.D) says:

Did you notice that jill is strong enough to crush Thrush?
P.S- It would be cooler if Waf and Thrush is in chainsaw duel.

Spider says:

Isn't it a bit suspicious how he waited until they were in a building to take her, where there were surely others.

Why not the alley way? Or the middle of a field? Or in the shower.

I mean come on, an evil guy must think about those things.

Art says:

Extra Bonus Comic for the comment section inspired by the comments section.

(Joe wanted me to mention that he didn't do the lettering for this one and that's why the lettering looks bad.)

Adam says:

Extra Bonus Comic for the comment section inspired by the comments section.
Hah! That's just great!

Dualsaber says:

@Art: That. Was. Awesome!
Also, what happened to Bugman's accent thing?

Art says:

Retconned. We are going to change his lines in the old comics because even when we did the German Accent back in the day we constantly screwed it up.

Dualsaber says:

"Back in the day". That's gonna be my phrase of the week now, y'know.

Ocho says:


And yes, i was asking why she wasnt nude, or at least solid but all tarry and sexless.

Not retconne. retGONED. Cuz it was out of their faster than your mom on the morning after. Zing!

Art says:

As long as breaking in on birthday parties and tying people up isn't your action of the week I've done well to steer you right in life.

I figured having Jill tied up in this comic was pushing at our boundaries enough that I really didn't wanna draw a Barbie Doll style Tsai while she kicked him. Also in that form she has heavy boots that would probably have hit harder than her bare feet.

Ansrit says:

Am I the only one that noticed that Jill has a BALL GAG?!? Luvbot is twisted for using something like that! Those are only for special-fun-fun time!

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