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geekgrrl says:

kids...go to college.

i want to know Jack's thoughts upon seeing Tsai's clothes littered upon the ground...

Bryan Young says:

I like Junes expression.
"Ok. Am I getting PUNKD?"

Paul says:

I liked it, pretty funny. Don't you think someone would say something if they seen a robot carrying a hot chick who's tied up and gagged?

Art says:

I dunno, people don't like to get involved. They'd probably assume that it was something between the hot chick and the robot.

That and the little kid noticed. :)

Necro Ray (R.H.D) says:

How come Jill's Dark Elf friend get small in last panel?

Obvios says:

Art, are you into light bondage or something like that?

Every single comic, omg.

Not that we don't apreciate it, mind you.

Ryan says:

Why did no one notice/care about Waf?

I demand more caring about the penguin! =D

CP Stanford says:

Ryan, if I had to venture a guess, I'd say it probably has to do with a certain immunity to the sight of Waf's body. I mean, I'm not going to tabulate a death-count right now, but I'm fairly confident that they're used to this sort of thing.

Art says:


Nah, I'm doing it all for you dude.

Ocho says:

All for us?
That must be why you put a female redhead in the comic! You know about my fetish.

CP Stanford says:

Ocho, that's not a fetish. That's having one's head on straight.

Art says:

Not you, Obvios is the one I'm doing whatever the heck it is I'm doing for. I put the male red head in the comic for you.

Wolf of Darkstar says:

wow jack changes clothes fast. twice.

Art says:

Oh balls....

Joe says:

Good catch, Wolf. I think that's one we're gonna have to fix. Play us off Keyboard Cat!

Obvious says:

I misspelled my nick. -_-

Anyways, search TV Tropes for Author Appeal, Art.

Art says:

See, I don't think that trope fits. Most of the smaller details of the comic are written by the jokes I come up with. If I had come up with a better joke where they club Jill over the head and brought her back to the lab unconscious that's how the story would go. For example originally June was suppose to walk in late and never see the bug guy, but having Ben and Jack abandon her to look for the more important characters was funnier.

Is there a trope that is like "The more f@&%ed up thing is often funnier?"

geekgrrl says:

i will only attend Tuesday's livecast if there are jazz hands. again.

Art says:

There will always be Jazz Hands.

Art says:

Humorously relevant.

Gillsing says:

Speaking of hot chicks and robots, I just bookmarked a NSFW webcomic named "Chester 5000 XYV". I haven't begun reading it yet, but the current last update looked quite unsafe.

Also, the note said "borrrowing"?

Art says:

Three R's? I don't see them, much like I don't see the outfit error that was reported earlier. :)

Ocho says:

"Humeorusly relevant"

She can arcweld me any time.

Obvious says:


Whatever makes you sleep at night. =p

Art says:

Usually general tiredness and lack of caffeine. :P

Although we did have a conversation tonight and we actually have a lot of characters get captured in the comic. Jack at the beginning by Tsai and Waf. Followed by Marbles with the orcs. Then Jack and Tsai by the Samurai in Indianapolis. Then Tsai and Jill by Dr. Watson while Jack is unconscious. Then Jill by the cultists. Then Jack and Ben by the cultists. Then Rebecca by her body guards. Then the guards by Ben and Marbles. Then we have about a year long dry spell followed by Jill and Tsai being kidnapped by Watson and Luvbot and June being left tied up at their chalet.

taltamir says:

ALWAYS demand to be untied before revealing any pertinent information.

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