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Riggsy says:

Bahaha! Bad ass penguin!

Cal says:

I never noticed how cool and awesome smoking is! I am totally going to try it!

Bryan Young says:

Well. That is one message I will always remember. You dont need a chainsaw or grenades to be cool. All you need is some smoke. Thank you facts from 1953. :D

AHMETRock says:

This message brought to you by big tobacco.

zack of hiskatana says:

yeah smoking is <cough> very <gag> cool <wheeze>.
About as cool as breathing through a tube!!!

ex: im sorry <cough> id shoot the bad<cough, wheeze> guy, but <hack> i can't breathe!!!

zack of hiskatana says:

<the following is to the tune of "cleaveland rocks">

all these pengiuns callin me back where they come from
they're such cool little doods, im back where i belong
all that jill sed, goin round in my head, oh
penguins rock, penguins rock

jill huggin all in sight, jack thinks its all right cuz
penguins rock!penguins rock!
penguins rock!penguins rock!
penguins rock!penguins rock!
penguins rock!penguins rock!

livin antarctica where penguinz're smarter n' ya, oh
antarctica rocks!antarctica rocks!
antarctica rocks!antarctica rocks!
with it's ice blocks!antarctica rocks!
antarctica rocks!antarctica rocks!
antarctica rocks!antarctica rocks!

Necro Ray (R.H.D) says:

Checkers is cool. He smokes,drives jeep and wears a shotgun shell bandoliers.

Shazbot says:

Don't forget he has awesome spiky hair!

Of3rmod says:

Bah! Everyone knows that pipes, cigars, and tomahawk pipes are cooler than cigarettes!

CP Stanford says:

I'd dispute that, actually, Of3rmod. Yes, in certain contexts, you are correct. However, of the three, neither pipes nor tomahawk pipes are quite appropriate to the shotgun shell bandoleered, headbanded commando type. Cigars are a maybe, but are much more appropriate to soldiers of fortune on the run from the US government for a crime they didn't commit whilst watching a plan come together.

geekgrrl says:

way to go, Jack. ;D

Someone says:

Actually.. that kinda raises the question of what smoking would do to a doppleganger. Could they absorb the chemicals? Would they just replace the lungs? But what about the build up?

Rotting Gnarl says:

Love how Jill moves her hands to cover up in the second panel. XD

And the last panel is priceless.

Spider says:

Yup, the penguin is cool now, but not in fifty years, after all that chainsmoking he goes through to look cool.

And not to mention the smell. If he is an ass kicking penguin, then he would already smell, but adding smoke to it... -shudders- I think my sinuses would crawl inside of a cave and die.

LordShplane says:

i think checkers is a pretty cool guy. eh smoks teh cigarettes and doesn't afraid of anything lung cancer

Also, I greatly appreciate all of the Jill panties. Thanks guys. It means a lot.

PieNinja says:

Considering how often Waf gets killed and reincarnated, I don't think Checkers is too worried about his health. It's just like how Bender is allowed to smoke and drink on Futurama, because he's a robot.

Now, if one of the humans in this strip started smoking, then I'd be furious, nay, uproarious about it!

Ocho says:

I havnt been around to post for two weeks.

I know you missed me.

But i am back. And i think the "coat only" look is about as sexy as a woman can get. You of course have surpased it by careful aplication of a collar and chain.

Art says:

Puh-lease, I haven't even begun to sexy lab coat it up yet.

Almightyk says:

@ Shazbot
Thats hair? i always thought it was a green party hat

they dont live for 50 years as far as i know so lung cancer 50 years down the track would be from smoking extending his life

zack of hiskatana says:

lung cancer can set in much sooner.
and you don't have to hav cancer to suffer from smoking.

Draconi says:

if Checkers dies of smokeing, the penguin god will just bring him back again.

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