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Rico says:

He should have invested in manacles for erotic games instead

cwDeici says:

0_o... a while ago I was hoping Tsai was the tracker.
I guess this shapeshifter isn't an anti-hero at all, a darker shade of grey ethics at best, but more likely heavily dark in his neglect of ethics in his quest for his goal, whether it be for himself or others or both.
I realize he needs the guy and that who you work with doesn't always define you, but he's the Texan President and has had some time to plan this.

Well, if he slaughters some vampires on the way I might support him regardless.

Gatorade says:

Anybody else notice the owl swooping in behind them? I bet Tsai has something up her, um, sleeve? Arm? Wing? Goo appendage?

T.Chicken says:

Roam and Jack maybe idiots but they are far from cold hearted (by texans)dictators and ethical.
P.S- Why child labor is bad? The Orphans need money!

Spikeball says:

I saw the owl! If it is Tsai she knows Jack is going to be in trouble and will probably come to his aid. I don't know if she will go after her body first or not.

MrGBH says:

Heh. I just typed Jack of all blades into Google (I'm too lazy to remember the url)and the line of text beneath the first result said "@MrGBH".

Also, can Grosvenor not afford slaves to polish his child-sized manacles? Times must be hard.

T.Chicken says:

Last Panel: Looks like the figures stuck on to the ninja lawyer!

Gillsing says:

I didn't spot the owl. First I was too busy reading, and then I was too busy laughing at Grosvenor. His financial woes are hilarious.

cwDeici says:


I noticed the owl the first time, but what does it mean?

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