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johnc11 says:

Hover Shoes!!

T.Chicken says:

Hover shoes! Why do they call you hover shoes? Kaching!
P.S-last Panel: Lesbian Elf!!!

T.Chicken says:

Why didn't she say that she's a princess? Is it for protection from bounty hunters!

Aust says:

Wow, talk about a natural 20 on your Bluff check...

cwDeci says:


cwDeici says:

(bleurgh. I don't know the name of the Texan president yet, had to reload.)

"Hover shoes? Why do they call you hovershoes?"

Plus now Jacq has a slush fund!

Draconi says:

once again marbles solves all problems./

also: found your new proble m art. i have no idea what half the names of these new pics are.

MrGBH says:

How about you just buy some hover-shoes for the drum kit? It'll take about four pairs, so you better cough up the money.

Maverick says:

He is sadly mistaken, however, because we all know those aren't hover shoes that Marbles is's just one of his many perks of being such a badass...and a magician.

P.S. There is a "Save Marbles Campaign" discussion on the TSD facebook page. All those with facebook should go and post stuff about Marbles!

Rico says:

Guys you must read better to memorize the names of the new characters. The texan president is Melek, the scout boy Eli, the half ogre Grovenor.
And the orange haired girl is Jacqi, with a "c".

RagnorakTres says:

Is it just me, or is there some third dimension going on in the last panel? If there isn', personal bubble.
Not that it isn't attractive. :D
I adore Jacqui's disquieted look in the last panel, all "What is going on what is going on that should not have worked so well I am so confused." That's not a natural 20, that's a natural 20 with serious bonuses and possibly a skill focus. >.>

MrGBH says:

Grosvenor isn't a half-ogre, he's a quarter-Orc.

Red says:

What a bizarre cover story. Still, with marbles around, I guess she could pose as a salesman of just about anything.

Art says:

Roam is known for its footwear.

<3 Becca says:

I'm not memorizing them until they get captcha portraits -- then memorizing becomes more necessary.

yes, in my imagination our elf-chicky is whispering when she speaks of ownership.

and I thought Marbles couldn't magic up magic stuff anymore after the PG left? (as opposed to magicking up real stuff) Ya know, magic being dead in the world and all... but maybe I missed something on that.

cwDeici says:

Btw., the pigmentation system for elves is ingenious!

I know Marbles can't just cough up Deux-Ex-Machinas, and that it probably has to be something small and materially specific (except in the case of the candy apple ^^), but hover shoes should be doable right?
Ah well, Jaqci is a nice girl, but she doesn't seem bright enough to get brownie points with them this way... plus she'd have to wait till she gets to her 'shop'.

cwDeici says:

Lol, shoeseum, that's more funny now.

taltamir says:

very funny that the little communist elf girl will be willing to have private property if it meant something as awesome as hover shoes :P

Gillsing says:

Little do they know that hover shoes are pointless unless you can keep your balance in midair. And for that, you need magic.

<3 Rebecca says:

.... updated captcha portraits. argh.

Art says:

Which one is giving you trouble?

Draconi says:

i feel so bad for all those male imps dureing "the great saussege fest".

too bad they couldent made with the rabbits o.0

MrGBH says:

So does the Seal God have any sentient creations?
And this also explains why the Human God doesn't date Orcs or Elves either. Then again, with what Eve's wearing, I'd probably prefer Imps too.

The Extinguisher says:

So the links in the extra stuff reminded me of something important. I can't wait.

Also, did the Seal God create anything, or does he mostly spend his days eating fish?

<3 Rebecca says:

Eli! I found it... I was just complaining because I enjoyed being lazy, there only seemed to be the old captcha portraits, then all of a sudden there's eli... and 16 clicks later I find him.

<3 Rebecca says:

Eli! I found it... I was just complaining because I enjoyed being lazy, there only seemed to be the old captcha portraits, then all of a sudden there's eli... and 16 clicks later I find him.

cwDeici says:

Great extras! I didn't notice until I read the comments that there were extras. What about an extras section to archive it all, or is there something like that already?

Art says:

Once I have made enough of them we'll definitely want to find a new place to put em. For now the news area is a good location for em. I plan to keep making TFJ's for Thursday as long as I can think of fun JaBiverse factoids.

Rico says:

Oh my, I just read #238 of "The Day It Snowed", which is in german for some reason. The german was so bad, I didnt even understand what it was about until I read the english version. Was it supposed to be like that?

Art says:

It was an April Fools comic so it was simply done with babbel fish.

Rico says:

OK, after staring at it for a while I saw "April Fools" written below it.

Rico says:

Oh wow you are online right now waiting for people to post comments?

Joe says:


No, you are just lucky.

Art says:

I get an alert when people post comments, and I happened to be near my computer so I went ahead and answered you.

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Things from the JaBiverse #2 Spirits, Souls and Atmans

There are four main Deities in the JaBiverse. The Penguin God, the Human God, the Rabbit God, and the Seal God*.

Each deity's followers have a different variant on souls. The Penguin Godís followers (the penguins) have spirits. The penguin population perpetually hovers around a dozen members due to the Penguin Godís close connection to his followers and unwillingness to learn new names. Whenever a penguin dies, the Penguin God resurrects them immediately... or at his convenience.

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Rabbits and Imps are creations of the Rabbit God and have atmans, or eternal souls in a cycle of reincarnation. Upon the death of their bodies, their atmans reside in a spirit realm where they wait to be reborn as infant rabbits and imps. While in this realm they are aware of all of their past lives. The Rabbit God sometimes hangs out here too and determines which of the two races they will be reincarnated as. Left Handed? Right Handed? Naughty? Nice? He has used all these benchmarks to determine whether an Atman returns as an Imp or a Rabbit. He was once forced to reboot the system when he accidentally made all of the imps male and all of the rabbits female during "The Great Sausage Fest".

Vampires have no god, and are the ancient creation of a dark and desperate sorcerer from a time long forgotten. Their birth as vampires requires the consumption of a Soul. As a result, they can only infect humans, elves and orcs. While Penguins, Rabbits and Imps are not at risk of being infected, they avoid vampires anyway as most vampires are total dicks.

*The Seal God showed up repeatedly in TDiS, but has been laying low lately.

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