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Red says:

First comment? Everyone always makes a big deal about those. Oh well. Yay.

...Marbles solves the shoe problem. But - are those *hover* shoes?


<3 Becca says:

ahhhhhhh, there's June. and wang too, eh?

oh boy

Draconi says:

woo! we see June again! :D

Draconi says:

so what do the boxes say?

DarkKnight says:

@Draconi : The boxes says "From Roam with love".

Another great comic. I really like how Marbles always try to help whenever he can. But I guess it makes sense, since he knows he will die. Which is pretty sad.

Magus says:

@DarkKnight Look again! They're more punny than that. "From Roam with hove!"

josh_093 says:

@Magus as far as i know there is no such word as hove, and i checked a dictionary. This means that therefore the font just makes lower case "L"s appear similar to lower case "H"s

also, nice comic guys

cwDeici says:


Jacq is very cute in this one in panel five.
Marbles is sweet.

Jacq's knuckles look like freckles though. :P

jayia29 says:

@josh_093 It's hove, and yes hove isn't a word but they're hover shoes. It's a simple advertising strategy take a well known saying and convert it to fit your product. Even if it does involve fake words.

Art says:

The alternate punchline to this comic is...
Second to last panel:

Shoe Elves had been here! Stealing my supplies again!

Grandpa, you can't just stick adjectives in from of "elves" and have it be a thing.

Tell that to R. A. Salvatore.

Dualsaber says:

Is it just me, or is the film pitch idea remarkably similar to Mass Effect?

RagnorakTres says:

@Art: =D lol

Great comic as always. I always wish I had something more constructive or clever to say......but I don't, so I'll just reiterate: great comic.

MrGBH says:

It's nice to know that, despite being rich and famous, June never goes outside long enough to get a suntan.

T says:

The Last Panel: Will there be chain swords? (Alien Elves= ELdars?)
P.S- there is warhammer 40k movie coming up!

someone says:

I saw a Wang in that film company name :D.

Art says:

I think I should do a Carmoly Wang Film Co. Things from the JaBiverse.

zack of hiskatana says:

is it just me or does Jaqi not know about marbles power? I mean she could have just had him spit out all the shoes.

Art says:

She isn't allowed to use the "Why do they call you" trick since she exploited it to gain a room full of candy. Additionally big boots would probably exceed his throat capacity.

johnc11 says:

where did jack go? i miss him...

Draconi says:

i thought that was only for food, you/she never said anything about non-food biased objects.

not to mention he shot candy out of his arms, could probably do the same with hover shoes

Argel says:

I caught Carmoly Wang once. Penicillin helps.

johnc11 says:

i just remembered something. earlier, it was mentioned that marbles was pulling delicious birds out of his sleeves and that jacqi ate them in large quantities. this action doesn't seem to cause a problem with the ban on the "why do they call you...?" magic, so why couldn't this have solved the food problem without them having to interact with the band. unless this was just a loophole you guys ignored to bring the band into the plot?

Rico says:

Hey where is the thursday JABiverse stuff?

Art says:


Marbles could pull a bird out of his sleeve, but that isn't a lot of use to Jacqi. All she has is a high powered gun (That would probably obliterate a bird beyond edibility). She has nothing to start a fire and no cooking instruments. She is a princess so she doesn't have the survivalist experience to improvise this stuff. Also I tend to avoid solving problems with magic, so that's just really comes down to my writing style.

@ Rico
Soon soon.

cwDeici says:

Oh, so hove is short for hover?

I thought it was strange to just cut an r at the end of a word so I thought I'd misread it and paid no more attention.

Hehe... hove actually means something to me. From the meaning of Liff its the word for the expression of someone when they know the person they're talking about isn't going to shut up about a subject one find's annoying for a long time.

cwDeici says:

Maybe he could use his sleeves?

But yeah, JABiverse has actual hover shoes. That is awesome!

Draconi says:

last night i dreamed Tsai had a daughter who looked exactly like her. i was dissapointed by the fact that her daughter was too young for me, and i never got the chance to go out with Tsai XD

Draconi says:

oh, and i think there was something about JAB being on its third incarnaition or something. not too sure XD

MrGBH says:

Dang, Yojizzbo sounds like my kind of film..... Uhhh, forget I said that.
Yep, nothing to see here.

Spikeball says:

someone else obviously ordered the birds!

cwDeici says:

Art/Johnc11: Yeah, I got that its not your writing style to solve things with Magic, and I think that's good! It'd be a bit to easy to just have Marbles vomit up food from his mouth or sleeves. Hah! Or maybe she just sees candy as the only food.

MrGBH says:

I can't believe I went this long without noticing. None of those words in front of "Elves" is an adjective, they're all nouns.
I think my inner-Grammar-Nazi may have been on holiday.

Wote says:

@MrGBH: Your inner Grammar Nazi is working fine. Nouns can function as adjectives in English.

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Things From the JaBiverse #4 Carmoly Wang Flims

In the time period of JaB2 the Carmoly Wang Film Company is the largest motion picture corporation in the entire world. Led by CEO June Carmoly, the corporation took off shortly after the end of Jack of All Blades largely due to the decline of magic.

Before the decline all videos were recorded to magical vid stones and could be viewed with a magical vid stone player. As magic waned vid stones began to suffer from audio desyncing and color desaturation and slowly ceased to function at all.

Before leaving the planet Waf gave June a box full of recording equipment that did not run on magic. Realizing the opportunity June quickly patented the device and began rescuing otherwise doomed vid stone film to the new format (making money hand over fist in the process).

She then reinvested her money into Yojizzbo, Wang Pang's first feature film. Despite the controversial subject matter it was the first new film to be released in almost 2 years and was a huge box office smash skyrocketing both of their careers and making the duo internationally famous.

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